Emailcloak Extension


This is a simple Plugin for Pagekit based on the Joomla 3.x emailcloak plugin. Email addresses are made un-readable to the bots by 'assembling' them via JavaScript when the page is loaded.

This Plugin cloaks all e-mails in content from spambots using JavaScript. This helps prevent e-mails contained in articles from being added to spam e-mail lists. You can disable Email Cloaking inside an article by inserting anywhere in the text of the article. In this case, no e-mail addresses in the article will be cloaked by this Plugin.

Email Cloaking has the following parameter:


  • Mode.

    How the e-mails will be displayed. Options are "As linkable mailto address" or as "Non-Linkable text".


Please install Search via the built-in Marketplace in your Pagekit Installation. The extension and all its dependancies will be installed automatically.

Issues and feature requests

Please use the issues section to file any bugs or feature requests.